Cabinetworks Unlimited's shop is located in Salem, Ohio

About Cabinetworks Unlimited LLC

Cabinetworks Unlimited LLC was founded in 1981 in Canfield, Ohio. With the fast growing broadcast industry in the tri-state area, there was a need for specialized cabinetry for the new wave of compact rack mountable broadcast components. Cabinetworks recognized this need and set out to provide the industry with an attractive and ergonomic design that could withstand daily use. Cabinetworks started supplying the local broadcast industry with custom made cabinetry. Over the years, as our reputation for attractive and unique cabinetry spread, we began shipping products all over the United States and overseas. No matter the size or location of the job, Cabinetworks Unlimited promises to provide our customers with our knowledge and expertise to make their project a success.

Cabinetworks has always been on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology. In the early days of Cabinetworks, all parts were hand cut and fitted. Our first CNC machine was purchased in 1990, which increased the accuracy and consistency in our parts. Today, we utilize CAD software with a nesting optimizer to mill parts while eliminating wasted space on sheets. Our current CNC machine has space for 34 different tools, which improves efficiency by eliminating the need to swap out tools manually.

As the equipment used in the broadcast industry and classroom settings change, we strive to offer elegant and cost effective options with much more customization.