Design and Assembly

Cabinetworks excels in designing custom solutions for each unique room. We utilize internet meeting software to allow remote viewing of our computers to show 3 dimensional CAD models of the furniture in the room. This helps the customer visualize layouts and check sight lines. We can arrange the cabinets, monitor wall structures, and provide drawings to assist in the construction/renovation process. Our variety of available materials and configurations not only provide perfect-fit cabinetry, but also cab be tailored to match the budgetary requirements. Along with the custom cabinetry, we can also supply a variety of monitor mounts, monitor wall structures and rails, and other devices such as power supplies.

Once the design is completed, the parts are processed through the CAD software and sent to our CNC machine for milling. The CNC machine gives us the ability to produce precision parts with predrilled holes for assembly and equipment integration. Once milling is complete, the parts are transferred to the assembly area. The edges are treated with PVC edge banding, which is applied, trimmed, routed, and buffed in a high production commercial edge banding machine. Hardware such as rack rail, grommets, and ventilation are added to the parts, then assembled with industrial grade cam fasteners. The cabinets are built and checked for proper fit and finish. Monitor rails are added and hardware for monitor mounting is packaged.

At this point, the job is partially disassembled for shipment or delivery. Options include anything from crating and shipping freight for smaller items such as lecterns to blanket wrap, white glove delivery for larger jobs. Cabinetworks always provides the option to send one of our employees to the site to install the cabinets, or the customer may elect to do the final assembly themselves. We can provide detailed assembly instructions and phone support for that option.

When growth requires new equipment, we stock items such as monitor mounts and rails. In many cases, items can ship out the same day to make necessary additions. If parts need changed to accommodate new devices with different cut-out dimensions, we can produce additional parts from the CAD files with the new hole size. These parts are easy to change out with our predrilled holes and cam fastener assembly method. No matter the job size, Cabinetworks takes pride in their reputation to provide lifetime support for the products they produce.