The majority of our cabinets are made out of ¾” thick melamine. Melamine is a hard thermosetting plastic whose resin is colored or used to saturate decorative paper, then laminated under heat and pressure, fusing it onto particle board. Edges are finished with 3mm PVC edge banding. We stock a variety of colors in this cost effective, attractive board.

Veneered particle board is another cabinet construction option. We can match species and stain colors, then finish in controlled climate booths.

Counter tops are typically finished with laminate, although other materials are available. This provides a durable work surface for constant use. We are typically able to match existing colors or provide suggestions for new color schemes. We stock common colors for fast turn-arounds

Edges are most commonly finished with 3mm PVC edge banding. This provides protection for the material core and finishes the sides to match the board. Other options are available, such as wood edges, upon request.

Our cabinets are assembled using industrial grade connector fittings. These allow for fast installations and exact alignments in parts.

Monitor walls and mounting solutions are built out of aluminum extrusions. The extrusions are designed to be easily adjustable by simply loosening hardware.

Available Colors